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Here's a girl you're not going to find on Backpage.

How To Get The Best Options

Many people turn to Backpage for their Las Vegas escorts. Can't really blame them. Honestly most people don't really know where to turn to for escorts, and some don't even realize they are able to simply go online and search for high quality escorts. Even if they do know they, the low ball price tag on Backpage can seem attractive. The thing is, that is usually where the attractiveness ends. After the price, it's all down hill from there. You need to make sure you don't fall into the same kind of trap. Now, if you still want to look over what is available on Backpage (you can't say we didn't warn you) than you should at least follow through with these different tips for making sure you aren't taken advantage of or anything of that measure.

Unless Its OUr Girls, Don't Trust the Pictures

When looking over the escorts on Backpage, you'll find these individuals are broken down into listings with pictures and no pictures. First, don't even consider one of the listings without a picture. In this case you really don't know what is going to show up when the two of you meet.

So, you start to click on profiles with pictures. Chances are the vast majority of these are not going to have any clear pics of the individuals face. This is because they either are ashamed of what they do and don't want other people to know, or they have a butter face (as in everything is hot but her face). Either way, do you really want someone like that? Wouldn't you rather have someone who is proud of what they do and isn't ashamed of their work? With our top independent Vegas escorts, you'll always see the girls faces. In fact, the pictures are professionally done and show their face (as well as other parts of their bodies).

The last issue with pictures on Backpage is you don't know if the images actually are them or not. With many of the pics poorly taken selfies, it typically is obvious the pictures are authentic. However, when the pictures seem too good to be true on Backpage, it usually is because they are.

Safety is Good Too

So maybe you really don't care what the escorts look like. You just want to have fun in Las Vegas without spending much money at all. After all, much in Vegas is just a giant face lift, so why not go with a girl that obviously needs one, right? Sometimes going over the time with how much you spend can backfire too. Just ask John Hammond. He "spared no expense" on his Jurassic Park amusement park and the attractions started to eat the guests. If you go the opposite end of the spectrum with your cheap date, you no longer have the security of knowing the girls are authentic and that you won't be robbed on the other end of the date. You become the Dennis Nedry, lost in the poring rain without his glasses, only to be eaten by a little, acid spitting dinosaur. Money doesn't mean you'll receive the best time ever, but by avoiding Backpage you'll at least know you won't have a man eating dinosaur on the other end of the date.

Backpage is one of those websites where you just don't know what you're going to find. That really is the problem. Even after checking out the escort listings on the website, you still are not going to truly know what you get until they show up. Backpage girls are like McDonald's burgers. They might look good in the picture, but then you open that cardboard box and it is just a miss match of items and half-baked cheese stuck to the side. Trade out the cheese for smeared makeup and it basically sums up a backpage escort perfectly. So, instead of going with the unknown mystery meat, why not go with the very best independent Vegas escorts in the entire city. We promise you, you'll love every minute of time with them.